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Lucy Hale Is Very Excited (and a Little Frightened) to Return to TV with Life Sentence

W MAGAZINE – In her horror movie Truth or Dare, out next month, Lucy Hale will have her hand brutally smashed by a hammer, be stalked by evil forces, and get possessed while having sex, all in the name of one truly haunted game of, yes, Truth or Dare. Scary stuff, right? Well, in fact it was another project that had the 28-year-old actress scared recently—her new television series Life Sentence, which premieres on The CW tomorrow night.

“It’s like first day of school,” Hale said of starting a brand new show. “It’s horrifying. It will never not be horrifying. The good thing is that it was a whole new experience for everyone. That’s the beauty of it. We are creating something from the ground up. It feels so rewarding.”

In the show, Hale plays Stella, a young woman who has been living her life under the impression that she is dying from terminal cancer, only to find out, hey, she’s not. “She’s a girl who the last eight years of her life thought that she was dying, so she was living like she was dying,” Hale explained. “She was hidden from all of the horribleness of the world and lived in this fake fantasy world for so long. In the pilot we find out that she is going to live, so she has to rediscover who she is, and figure out who she wants to be.”
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“Life Sentence” First Look Trailer

Stella has spent the last eight years living like she was dying (because she was). But when she finds out that her cancer has been cured, she is suddenly forced to face the long-term consequences of the “live in the moment” decisions she made. With a real future suddenly in front of her, Stella’s cinematic life snaps into reality, and instead of living like she’s dying, she will have to learn to live like she’s living, and help her family and friends do the same.

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